Youth Ministry at St. Luke’s Church is all about creating a safe place for 6th through 12th graders to learn about God and to prepare them to take their faith into the world. Through outreach efforts, meaningful small group time, “hanging out,” and investing in their faith life, these middle and high schoolers have a special place within St. Luke’s Church.
For more information contact our Director of Youth Ministries, Sarah Carlson

Confirmation Spring 2021

April 4th: No class, Easter Sunday
April 11th: Seasons of the Church
April 18th: Sacraments
April 25th: Commissioning
May 2nd: Confirmation Sunday
Classes will be offered in person and via Zoom! Location will be announced soon. Extra material will also be distributed via the church website.
If you have a student who is interested in getting confirmed, please email me at Please include their name, grade, and what school they are attending.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to teaching and making this milestone with your student!

Class Resources

January 31st: Introduction
February 7th: Baptism
February 14th: Overview of Bible & the Bible by Heart
February 21st: Lord’s Prayer
February 28th: Nicene Creed & Apostles’ Creed
March 21st: Church History
March 28th: The Book of Common Prayer

Youth at St. Luke’s

Wednesday Night
Youth Group

We start off with an icebreaker and a game and then dive into scripture! Together, we end the night with highs & lows, where we have seen God at work within the past week and share prayer requests.

Middle School: 5:30-6:30p

High School: 6:30-7:30p

Location: South Lawn

Some things to remember:

  • Bring a mask! This is a way of love to keep each other safe.
  • Keep a distance of six feet from anyone who has not been in your bubble (ie., parents, guardians, siblings)
  • Bring chairs or blankets

More information on our safety guidelines and protocols is attached.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

I look forward to seeing your students!

Sunday School
at St. Luke’s

When? 9:30-10:15a
Where? Large conference room & on Zoom
We are producing a podcast as our spring project this year! You will have a chance to interview your friends about living in the time of COVID. There are lots of steps along the way to a finished product:
  • You will have a say in what the podcast is called.
  • You will have a say in what music is played during the podcast.
  • You will get to have a say about how the sound is edited for the final podcast.
  • You will have a say in the “cover art” that will accompany the podcast.
Never heard a podcast? There are youth podcasts (not just where youth are the target audience, but where youth actually produce the podcast) that are generally available. Two groups that regularly produce high quality podcasts are: Dayton Youth Radio and WUNC Youth Podcast.
We are at the early planning stages. Get in on the ground floor! Come to Sunday School, 9:30 – 10:00 am every Sunday morning on Zoom AND in the large conference room at the church.
Questions? Call Andrea Cutter at 918-900-1176.
Students are invited to participate in the podcast project above. However, keep an eye out for a new opportunity on Sundays. Coming soon!

Sunday Coffee Sips
with Sarah

Where? Starbucks at the Quarry

When? Every week from 3:00-6:20p

Come one, come all!

Whether you take your coffee sugary, with lots of syrup, or prefer tea, let’s enjoy “coffee time” together! This new weekly opportunity is for middle and high school students to stay connected and supported throughout their entire week.

Join me at the Starbucks at the Quarry to chat & sip on your favorite drink this Sunday!

Youth can sign up individually or bring a friend or two! (3 people max per time slot)

*location will change every so often so keep an eye out for updates!

Sign up here!

You don’t want to miss it!

Youth Instagram

We are now on social media! Follow us @slecsayouth and share with your students
to stay updated on all things youth here at St. Luke’s.