The Green Door

The Green Door Thrift Shop sells clothing, housewares, small furniture, jewelry, and many unexpected treasurers. All inventory comes from donations and consignments. All profits go to charity through an annual application and review process. We are staffed by over 60 volunteers. Please join us! You can donate, consign, volunteer or shop to be a part of this process.
Open Tuesday – Saturday 10am-1pm
Consignments Wednesday – Friday 10am-11:30am
(210) 826-7111



The Green Door began on April 13, 1953. The Women’s Auxiliary of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church opened a thrift shop at 1813 Nacogdoches Rd. in a rented space with 10 volunteers. Most of the items were donated, and sales on the very first day were $500! Profits the first year were $3,000 and rose to $5,000 the next year. $500 is a decent day’s sales even by 2012 standards. $500 in 1953 would be worth $4,028.67 in 2010 dollars. That would be a very busy day at the Green Door! This initial money was used to construct a building for the Green Door. The present building was completed in 1958 at 1030 Nacogdoches Rd., and was expanded in 1965 to its current size.

The Green Door provides clothing and housewares to our community at a low cost. All donated items that cannot be sold are given to other organizations with a broader clientele & these organizations are able sell most of the items that we cannot sell. Some of our consignors depend on the income from their sales at the Green Door. And finally, our volunteers benefit from the mutual support we give one another at the Green Door.

Christian Giving

Each year the Women of St. Luke’s supports nonprofit, 501(c)(3), organizations dedicated to benevolent and humanitarian efforts using proceeds from the Green Door Thrift Shop sales. Organizations must have a mission and vision consistent with that of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, which is called to illuminate San Antonio with the light of Christ through transformative education, compassionate care, and inspiring worship and music.
The average grant is $2,500, with past support ranging from $500 – $8,500.
If your organization, or one you know, would like to apply, please contact to receive an application.