Worship Ministries

If you are interested in joining any of our volunteer teams at St. Luke’s, please email our Ministry Support Associate, Sara Spreen, at saras@stlukes-sa.net for more information.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild members serve quietly and behind the scenes to set the Lord’s table for St. Luke’s worship services. These acts of faithful service are a form of prayer for many members of the Guild. The Guild has a leadership structure made of volunteers within the Guild that serve various positions and for varying term lengths.

Lay Readers & Lay Eucharistic Ministers

Layreaders literally share the Word of God through worship leadership. The practice of reading lessons in public worship is teaching the Word through oral interpretation of Scripture. Layreaders and Lay Eucharistic Ministers serve approximately once per month at one of St. Luke’s four regular Sunday worship services.


Ushers stand by to assist and help all who enter our doors to worship the Lord. Ushers serve approximately once per month to welcome, distribute bulletins, assist with the offertory, and provide hospitality. The Ushers are divided into teams and have occasional meetings.


Acolytes represent a vital part of the worship experience. Students not only participate in worship but they learn the reasons behind Church rituals and traditions. Being a senior acolyte (typically the age of a Youth Group member) is an opportunity to lead younger students as they embark upon their acolyte journey. As a senior acolyte you are expected to teach roles and rituals, guide students through the worship service, and encourage their interest in worship and the Episcopal tradition.


The livestream teams represent a vital new opportunity for people to worship with St. Luke’s from a distance. Many parishioners choose to stay home for a variety or reasons or find themselves with no other options as a consequence of circumstance. The livestreamed service at 11:00 a.m. keeps those members of our church family plugged into the weekly rhythm of Sunday worship. It also affords many new people the opportunity to explore St. Luke’s before choosing to attend in-person. 

Altar Flowers

St. Luke’s Church provides the opportunity to give the flowers which decorate the altar areas of the sanctuary each week. Many people offer the flowers as a thank offering to God on the occasion of a birthday, anniversary, graduation, birth, or baptism. Others offer the flowers as a memorial for a loved one. The cost is $75. Several families can make the offering each Sunday. To make this offering, use an “offering” envelope located in the pews noting who you are, the  occasion, and the honoree. Signing up for altar flowers can also be done in person at St. Luke’s.