The Public Prayer List at St. Luke’s Church

The Public Payer List at St. Luke’s Church

One of the features of our Sunday services is the Prayers of the People. The Book of Common Prayer provides forms for guiding the congregation in lifting up prayer concerns and thanksgivings. In addition to the specific prayers we offer every week – for our clergy, for example, and for elected officials and members of the Armed Forces – there is an opportunity to name people who desire the prayers of the Church. Prayer has the power to draw us closer to God and each other.
It is good when there are clear expectations regarding the Public Prayer List: the list of names that are recited during the church’s worship services.
Request for Prayers:
A person may ask for prayers for themselves or on behalf of someone else. If someone requests prayers for someone else, the church assumes that the requester has gotten permission from the person for whom prayers are being solicited.
Prayer requests may be submitted in various ways:
• Filling out a Connect Card on Sunday and placing the card in the Offertory Plate.
• Contacting the Administrative Assistant to the Clergy, Ilya Franco, at 210-828-6425 or
• Submitting an online form through the church’s website at
Information to submit:
• Name (either first name or full name). Beginning in September, when someone submits a name for the Public Prayer List, unless you indicate otherwise, the whole name will be printed in the bulletin and read during the Prayers of the People.
• A general indication of what kind of prayers are desired (e.g. healing, comfort, guidance, protection). This will be listed in the bulletin. If you do not tell us what we should be praying for, we will simply offer general prayers.
• If you are requesting prayers for someone else, please tell us your name, too.
Boundaries and Privacy
Even someone who desires the prayers of others may not want to share specifics of their situation with others. Church staff and pastoral ministers are committed to respecting people’s desires for privacy. Likewise, we assume church members will not be overzealous in seeking out details on someone for whom the church is praying.
Duration of Prayers:
• We generally keep someone on the Public Prayer List for four Sundays. If you would like to extend that time, contact the church again and submit a new prayer request. We generally do not keep someone on the prayer list indefinitely: circumstances change, and we think it’s good to get regular updates on people who desire long-term prayers.
What do we do with the Public Prayer List?
We name the people on the Public Prayer List in the Prayers of the People during our Sunday celebrations of Holy Communion.
The Public Prayer List is printed in the bulletins for Sunday services. Individuals may take this list with them and pray for the people on the list in their private devotions.
Even on the occasional times when the Prayers of the People may not happen in a particular liturgy, the Public Prayer List will still be printed in the bulletin.
The Public Prayer List is shared regularly with the Daughters of the King (DoK), a women’s group dedicated to prayer, service, and evangelism. Members of the DoK have their intercessory prayer list and they include the names on the church’s Public Prayer List.
As it has been throughout history, our confidence today is that God receives our prayers and is generous and gracious in responding to them. Questions? Feel free to contact the Rev. Irv Cutter,