St. Luke’s Staff Transition

In July we’ll have some changes in administrative positions on the church staff.

Angie Hudgins, Dave Thomas, and Amy Foster.

• Parish Administrator Dave Thomas plans to retire in mid-July. Dave has worked at St. Luke’s since 2009, and we appreciate so much his diligence in overseeing many complex aspects of parish life at St. Luke’s Church!
• Angie Hudgins joined the staff earlier this year as our Financial Associate. Upon Dave’s retirement, Angie will step into the role of Parish Administrator. She and Dave have been working together on this transition, and we anticipate that she will do a great job as she moves into this new role.
• Amy Foster will succeed Angie as the next Financial Associate. Amy has been our Mustard Seed Director since fall 2019. We will combine these two positions into one: Amy will continue to oversee the Mustard Seed during the school year, and her work with the church’s finances will fill out the rest of her time.
We appreciate the work that Dave and Angie and Amy have done so far, and as Dave eases into retirement, we’re so excited about the new roles that Angie and Amy are taking on. Many thanks to them and to all the staff who are so dedicated to supporting our common life here at St. Luke’s Church!