Renovating the Parlor

Coffee and refreshments on Sunday mornings, classes, luncheons, funeral receptions, special events for groups associated with the School: the Parlor is the hub for so many activities. Its prominent location on the campus’ main east-west axis, just past the narthex, makes it a key space for church and school gatherings.

The Parlor and the spaces adjacent to it – kitchenette on the south side and restrooms on the north side – need to work well to facilitate the many events that happen there. An updated appearance to the Parlor would make it a much more inviting space, and there are many options for improving the functionality of the kitchen and modernizing the restrooms.

We anticipate a series of listening sessions in 2021 to build consensus among the church and school populations on a direction forward for the Parlor. Once we have more clarity on the primary purposes for this important space, we’ll be well-positioned to make the needed renovations.

The working number for a renovation of the Parlor is $100,000.


Landscaping and Grounds Improvements

A master plan for the landscaping of the grounds and the layout of the parking lots would be an important resource for St. Luke’s. Without a master plan, plantings in recent years have been nice but have not contributed to a unified vision for the campus. A master plan would allow us to be strategic going forward as we make decisions about trees and flower beds and other landscaping elements.

Parking lots need regular maintenance, and we are at the point of needing to decide on simple short-term maintenance, or more extensive work that will save money over time.

We also want to examine the possibility of new retaining walls to deter erosion and improve the visual aesthetics of the grounds, enhanced landscaping and lighting around the sign at the southeast corner of the campus, and a new walkway in the north parking lot.

We seek $125,000 to underwrite a master plan, provide initial funds for landscaping, and address parking lot needs.


Address HVAC Needs

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is a critical part of any building’s infrastructure. Thanks to a needs analysis arranged by Steve McAllister, Junior Warden in 2019, we have a sense of the expected lifespan of many of the components of the Church and School’s HVAC system. We know that many elements of the system are coming to the end of their expected lifespan.

We seek to address current needed replacements and repairs, and we want also to establish a capital reserve fund for future mechanical replacements over the next five years.

$250,000 will address current needs and establish the fund that can be used for other needs in the coming years.