LEM Ministry

Kirk James had been involved with St. Luke’s Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers (LEM) ministry for more than 20 years. He started as a team member on the Matthew Team around 2000. After serving as team leader for a few years he was asked by Victor Harding, the leader of the LEM Ministry, to take his place.
This February it was Kirk’s turn to name his successor and he passed on the leadership role to Jill Martinez. “I knew she would be perfect in that role. Her passion for and dedication to the LEM ministry is so strong that I knew she was the right person to take my place,” he said. Jill has stepped in and has been a great leader of this important and wonderful ministry.
Kirk encourages anyone who is looking for an opportunity to serve St. Luke’s to consider joining the LEM ministry! “It is one of the most meaningful ways a parishioner can serve God and His Church. Participating in the worship services through reading the lessons and the prayers, and serving the chalice at the altar, is truly an honor and a privilege. It nourishes the soul and lifts up the spirits of the person serving. It is both rewarding and humbling. And best of all, it brings the LEM closer to God and the parishioners he or she is serving. It is very much a servant ministry.”
We always looking for readers! email Jill if you would like more information: jillsmartinez@att.net