Summer feels odd this year.

In a normal year, once we get past Memorial Day, life slows down somewhat, as people ease into summer mode. This year, however, because of improved conditions with the pandemic, many people who have been somewhat dormant are now excited about picking up the pace and returning to more active lives.
As we look ahead to the summer months, we’ll continue to worship regularly on Sundays. I hope you’ll come to church when you can, and if you’re out of town, remember that you can worship with via the livestream of the 11 am service, which we plan to continue indefinitely. Andrea Thompson, our Director of Communications and Marketing, is looking at some options for upgrading our cameras later this year, which should enhance the livestream experience greatly.
Throughout the summer we’ll also have plenty of opportunities for people of all ages to gather to enjoy fun and fellowship together. This issue of Tidings highlights several of those activities.
Additionally, here are some things that will occupy our energies this summer:

Response to the Pandemic

The Vestry has examined conditions regularly since the beginning of the pandemic, authorizing changes when the time has seemed right. The latest changes took effect at the beginning of June, with the biggest change being the allowance of fully vaccinated people to go without masks inside the church buildings. As we continue to see improvements in our conditions, the vestry will consider further revisions to our Covid protocols. A lot of the improvements are due to people getting their Covid vaccines, so if you’re eligible and if you haven’t yet done so, let me encourage you to get your vaccine. In the meantime, if you’re not yet vaccinated, we expect you to continue wearing a mask indoors here at St. Luke’s; if you’re experiencing Covid-like symptoms, we hope you’ll stay at home; and we encourage you to respect those who prefer to maintain social distancing at this time.
Staff members are working with representatives from various church groups to discuss how they might migrate back to the church after having been meeting remotely for the past year.

The Capital Campaign

The response to our campaign, “Transformation and Celebration”, continues to be strong. We have received commitments of almost $1.95 million. We are so close to our goal of $2 million! If you have not yet made a commitment, there’s still time. And if you feel inspired to increase your commitment, to help us cross the finish line, we’d love for you to let us know.
The first big project is the new pipe organ. The Reuter Organ Company continues to make great progress building the organ at their facility in Lawrence, KS. We’re doing site work on our end, to get the Organ Loft ready for the organ installation, which should happen in just a few months.
Later this year we’ll plan to turn our attention to the other components of the campaign: the restoration of the church’s stained glass windows, the updating of the Parlor, the landscaping and exterior improvements, and the HVAC and infrastructure needs.

Planning for the 2021-22 Program Year.

Summer is a great time to plan for the future. We’ve already got plans for classes for adults in the fall, and we’re excited about the All-Parish Retreat, a weekend for people of all ages at Camp Capers the first weekend of October. We’re working on other things too, so that St. Luke’s can continue to thrive as we energize ourselves for our mission of illuminating San Antonio with the Light of Christ.
Enjoy your summer!