From the Associate

Greetings St. Luke’s!

I am back from maternity leave and filled with gladness to share the Advent and Christmas seasons with you. We have many ways for you to enter the quiet and reflective season of waiting, and I hope you will join us. As we say in Godly Play, “this time of year you will see people hurrying around, buying things, and doing this and that. But they will miss the mystery. Maybe they don’t know how to get ready or maybe they just forgot.”
I hope that you will take the time to savor the mystery of Christmas, and rest in the richness of this season alongside your church family. I look forward to walking to Bethlehem with you.
I am in the office Tuesday – Friday and am happy to meet with you on or off-campus to get to know you better, to talk about the serious or the holy ordinary things in your life.
I hope to see you around soon!
Rev. Reagan