Frequently Asked Questions

 How will my steps be counted?

Each week you will receive an email with a link to a google form to enter your steps for the week. All of our steps will be added together to cover the distance it will take to walk the diocese. This form will also be on the pilgrimage page of our website.


How do I count my steps?

If you wear a Fitbit or smartwatch you can simply submit your steps from your device for each week. Every smartphone also has a pedometer built-in, so if you take your phone with you when you walk you can find your step counts in the health app that comes with your phone.

If you count your distance traveled in miles you can convert your miles to steps using this formula:

Y miles x 2,000 = average steps per mile

For example: 5 miles x 2,000 average steps per mile = 10,000 steps


Do I have to take extra walks for this pilgrimage?

The benefit of a virtual pilgrimage is that you can go at your own pace. You may choose to take extra walks to get more steps, or you can submit the steps from your normal daily activity. You will get out of this pilgrimage what you put in. When taking steps throughout your day think about praying as you do so. If you take walks through nature what sounds can you hear? What do you smell? How many shades of green can you find? Take your holding cross with you (more on this below). Pray about what struck you in the weekly email, did you learn something new about the Church, about how you might help be a voice for racial healing, about God?

What if I deleted a pilgrimage email or can’t find it?

Our Communications Director, Andrea Thompson, has set up a page on our St. Luke’s website specifically for the pilgrimage. Anything that goes out in an email can also be found on this page in blog form throughout the summer.


How will I stay connected to other pilgrims?

There will be a comment section on the pilgrimage blog page on the website. You are encouraged to write comments to other pilgrims throughout the summer. You can give a simple hello, or you may wish to engage a little deeper about the stops we’re making and what you’re learning and feeling along the way.

Will this pilgrimage make me uncomfortable?

With any pilgrimage, the hope is to be a different person at the end than you were at the beginning. All good pilgrimages change us. We hope that through this journey you will grow spiritually and deepen your relationship with God and one another.

There will be times we will read stories that are hard to hear, especially around race and racism. This is not to inflict guilt or make you feel bad, but rather for us as people of faith to acknowledge the parts of our history that were plagued by the sin of racism, pray for healing, and move forward together. In the words of Bryan Stevenson, Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative, “We are haunted by our history of racial injustice in America because we don’t talk about it…achieving equality, justice, and fairness for all Americans starts with learning and sharing the truth about our past.”