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Diocesan Guidelines
at St. Luke’s, San Antonio


For the seasons of Lent and Easter, in spring 2021, our weekly service schedule will be:

  • 8 am, Holy Eucharist, Rite One, with opening and closing hymns.
  • 9 am, Holy Eucharist, Rite Two, on the South Lawn, weather permitting, with guitar-led music. The rain plan for this service will be to move it into the Parish Hall.
  • 11 am, Holy Eucharist, Rite Two, with traditional music.
  • 6 pm, Holy Eucharist, Rite Two, without music, with a modified, socially-distanced opportunity for healing prayers immediately afterwards.

Sunday Worship

  1. Luke’s will schedule two sextons for Sunday morning, who will clean the worship spaces after services. After each service, sextons will disinfect seats and pews, as well as items and public surfaces (e.g. door knobs, water fountains, contact areas in restrooms, etc.) that come into contact with attendees.
  2. Our initial plan will not make use of the golf cart for driving people to the Narthex entrance.
  3. On Sundays, signs will remind people of:
      1. expectations that people wear masks
      2. good hygiene practices
      3. at-risk populations
      4. symptoms that should preclude someone from coming to church
  4. Hand sanitizer will be available in the narthex and in other interior locations.
  5. Prayer Books, Hymnals, Bibles will be removed from pews, to simplify the cleaning process after services.
  6. Masks will be available in the narthex for people who need one.
  7. Restrooms
    Signs at the restrooms will remind people to wash their hands and maintain social distancing. At multi-stall restrooms, signs will limit occupancy to two people at any particular time.
  8. Floor of the Center Aisle of the Nave
    Markers in the center aisle will indicate the 6’ distance that people should maintain while waiting in line to receive Communion.
  9. Doors
      1. Doors from the Nave to the Narthex shall be kept open all Sunday morning and for the Sunday evening service, so that people are not touching the doors as the enter/exit the Nave.
      2. The door from the Narthex to the Parlors will also remain open.
      3. We will initially let people open exterior doors themselves, encouraging them to use hand sanitizer after they’ve entered the building. 
  1. Initially, to minimize movement, none of the services will have liturgical processions.
  2. Distribution of bulletins
      1. We will continue to make bulletins available Saturday night by email – you can print your bulletin at home, or bring a phone or tablet and view the bulletin electronically.
        b. Some bulletins will be available in the Narthex for people to pick up. Rather than handing bulletins to worshipers, Ushers can point out the bulletins to people who need them. For the 9 am service and other outdoor services, greeters will offer to hand bulletins to worshipers as they arrive but will strive to avoid person-to-person contact.
        c. When you depart, please take your bulletin with you, or dispose of paper bulletins in the recycling bins in the Narthex on your way out.
  3.  Seating
      1. In the Nave and the Christ the King (CtK) Chapel, seating will be available in every other pew, with guides to indicate the 6’ gap that worshipers should maintain while seated (this restriction does not apply to members of the same household).
        b. Once the Nave and the CtK Chapel are filled to capacity, ushers will direct people to the Parlors.
  4. Offering plates
    Offering plates will not be passed, but will be available in the Sanctuary and Narthex. Offering plates or other alternatives will be available for use at outdoor services.
  5. Preparation, Consecration, and Distribution of Communion:
      1. Communion will be distributed in one kind only (bread, no wine) until further notice; we will offer regular and gluten-free wafers.
        b. For services inside the church, Ministers distributing the Sacrament will wash hands in the Altar Guild Sacristy for 20 seconds, prior to distribution.
        c. The bread and wine are covered during the Eucharistic Prayer.
        d. Clergy and Eucharistic Ministers are required to wear a face mask during distribution, covering nose, mouth, and chin. Gloves are optional.
        e. Ministers will avoid hand-to-hand contact when distributing a communion wafer, even if wearing gloves, by dropping the wafer into the hands of the recipient.
        f. For services inside the church, communicants will receive the wafer while standing (no kneeling), at the front of the Nave. Distribution will happen at the bottom of the chancel steps, and Ushers will direct people forward. For outdoor services, clergy will bring the Sacrament to the worshipers, who remain in their place.
        g. We remember the Church’s teaching about Spiritual Communion: that those who do not come forward to receive, as well as those watching from home, can receive the spiritual benefits of Communion.
  6. Role of Ushers
    1. Ushers will be trained not to shake hands or embrace attendees.
    2. Ushers will check to ensure that people are wearing masks, and offer to provide a mask to someone who shows up without one. Ushers will be trained on how to encourage people graciously to wear masks.
    3.  Ushers will receive training on maintaining social distancing between households as people come up to receive Communion.

of Staff and

  1. For screening purposes, staff and volunteers will self-evaluate for potential signs of illness before arriving at church.
  2. The church will send home any employee or volunteer who has any new or worsening signs and symptoms of possible COVID-19.
  3. The church will prevent employees or volunteers with any new or worsening signs and symptoms, listed above, from returning to work until specified criteria are met.
  4. The church will not allow an employee or volunteer with known close contact to a person who is lab-confirmed to have COVID-19 to return to work until the end of the 14-day self-quarantine period, from the last date of exposure. If the individual takes a COVID-19 test and receives a negative diagnosis, dated after the last date of exposure, they may return prior to the end of the self-quarantine.
  5. The church will require employees or volunteers to wash or sanitize their hands upon entering church facilities.
  6. The church will require employees or volunteers to maintain at least 6 feet of separation from other individuals.
  7. The church will ask employees, volunteers, and attendees to wear cloth face coverings or non-medical grade face masks over their nose and mouth.
  8. The church will encourage people who are in at-risk populations to refrain from volunteering.

Activity at St. Luke’s Beyond Sunday Worship

  1. Meals and refreshments may be served outside, in accordance with diocesan protocols.
  2. On weekdays, sextons will clean and disinfect any regularly touched surfaces frequently during ‘business hours’ and at the end or beginning of the day (ex. doorknobs, tables, chairs, and restroom facilities).
  3. Staff and volunteers will be trained on appropriate cleaning and disinfection, hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquette. Employees will be trained not to shake hands or embrace attendees.
  4. Formation Classes and Outreach
    1. Bible studies, Sunday School, etc. meet in-person in accordance with diocesan guidelines.
    2. Outreach ministries that are meeting an immediate need can continue to operate as long as the protocols for health and safety are in place, including social distancing.

Other Services
Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, etc.

  1. Baptisms, weddings and funerals, including graveside services, are permitted.
  2. Wedding coordinators must agree to abide by your church’s protocols.
  3. Regarding funerals, we will coordinate with funeral homes to maintain their protocols as well as ours.
  4. The same social distancing, sanitizing, worship service protocols, precautions, and guidelines must be used for these services as a Sunday Worship Service.
  5. If the Rector receives requests for other worship services, the Rector will not proceed until receiving approval from the Bishop.


  1. In our regular email communications and social media posts, we will encourage members of at-risk populations to stay home and watch the live-streamed service.
  2. We will use various methods to continue to encourage online giving.
  3. Digital versions of the Sunday bulletins will be made available ahead of time, with all bulletins being emailed on Saturday evening, and the 11:00 am bulletin being tagged to the Facebook Live post.