Livestream: Where to Watch!
We have made significant upgrades to our Livestream over the past month to ensure a better viewing experience for you! Thank you to our loyal Livestreamers for hanging in there with us as we worked through our technical issues. As the
choir and I settle back into the Choir Loft we are still finessing camera placements so look for new angles in the coming weeks.
Did you know you can find us on YouTube? We post videos of our sermons, services, and all the other videos we make on our St. Luke’s Channel! You find the direct link to our channel at slecsa/tidings. If you visit us on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram make sure to hit subscribe to stay up to date on our postings!
We look forward to bringing the Christmas Pageant to you Live this year as well as our Christmas Eve service at 7:00 pm. If you are traveling during the holidays you will still be able to celebrate the season with your family at home and your
St. Luke’s Family.
If you have suggestions for what you would like to see on our social media channels, website, or in your inbox please email them to!