Transformation and Celebration

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is called by God to illuminate San Antonio with the light of Christ through transformative education for people of all ages, compassionate care for every member of our community, and inspiring worship and music in the Episcopal tradition.


Response to the campaign has been tremendous! As of mid-March, people have made commitments of more than $1.8 million, and of those commitments, we have received just over $500,000 of contributions.

We appreciate so much the challenge grant Jack and Valerie Guenther have offered in support of our efforts to restore the church’s stained glass! They have pledged to match up to $125,000 of people’s contributions through the Jack and Valerie Guenther Foundation. As of mid-March, people have made commitments of $182,000, and of those commitments, we have received $55,850. (These numbers are included in the overall numbers listed above.)

The campus of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
and School is holy ground.

For generations, God’s grace has touched people’s lives here in countless ways. People have known great joy in moments like weddings and baptisms. At funerals, people have received God’s spirit of comfort. Children have grown up, at St. Luke’s Episcopal School and in the church’s Sunday school program, learning how they are beloved of God. People have come here and been inspired to go out and care for those in need in the larger community.

On this campus, we meet God, we nurture meaningful relationships with one another, and we then take God’s grace back out into the world. Over the years, the people of St. Luke’s have tended to the buildings and grounds that God has entrusted to us.

In addition to the ongoing maintenance needs that always exist, occasionally there is a moment when God calls us to take on something big, to stretch ourselves and take on ambitious goals, to commit to projects that will enhance our campus and make it a stronger setting for us to accomplish our mission of illuminating San Antonio with the Light of Christ.

This is one of those moments.

For the past year, the Vestry has reflected on the capital needs facing St. Luke’s right now. Even during the pandemic, when it would have been tempting to put off discussions until a return to normalcy, rather than sitting still, the Vestry kept discussions moving forward, settling in the summer on a set number of capital projects. Those projects are:

  • A new pipe organ, to replace the current organ that was damaged beyond repair several years ago 
  • Retirement of debt that was taken on for the failed organ repair project
  • Refurbishment of the church’s stained glass windows 
  • Renovation of the Parlor and the kitchenette and restrooms adjacent to the Parlor 
  • Enhancements to the landscaping
  • Repairs and replacement of critical elements of our HVAC system

To learn more about these projects click below for an in depth look at each project. As you read, please hold St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and School in your prayers. We hope that the Holy Spirit will inspire you to dream big with us, and to commit to a transformative financial gift to support the goals of the campaign, so that we at St. Luke’s can continue to celebrate God’s presence in our midst as we continue to share God’s grace with the world.



Parishioner Art Bayern challenges the people of St. Luke’s to join him in supporting this campaign. Art has been active here since he and his late wife Janice joined in 1967. The worship of the church and the relationships he has enjoyed with church friends have nourished his faith over the decades. Art vividly remembers a lead gift from Stephen Gose, the founder of the Retama Park Race Track in Selma, to support the Visser-Rowland organ in 1982.

Art has been inspired to make a lead gift of over $100,000 to our campaign. This commitment is an incredible act of generosity on Art’s part, and we hope that you will be inspired to give generously and sacrificially to join Art in bringing a great pipe organ to St. Luke’s Church, and in taking on these other important projects.


Our Goal

We seek to raise $2 million for this campaign:

Pipe organ               $ 1,050,000

Retirement of debt        225,000

Stained glass                 250,000

Parlor renovation           100,000

Landscaping                  125,000

HVAC                              250,000

Total                         $ 2,000,000

This campaign is a unique opportunity to enhance our campus in significant ways: to give us the instrument we need to inspire us in our worship, to care for the stained glass that is such a precious resource, to ensure that the campus is welcoming to members and visitors and neighbors; to enhance an important interior space, and to tend to important infrastructure.

A successful campaign depends on everyone’s participation. Please give prayerful consideration to your support of the campaign. How is God calling you to dream big and sacrifice, to dedicate a portion of what you have to accomplish these important goals?

We look forward to publicly recognizing all contributors in print, and we intend to install a wall plaque next year acknowledging donors at the following levels, with each level named for one of the traditional Heavenly Virtues:

  • Charity $100,000+
  • Hope $50,000 – $99,999
  • Faith $20,000 – $49,999
  • Diligence $10,000 – $19,999
  • Kindness $5,000 – $9,999

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your participation. When the Holy Spirit moves you, we hope you’ll complete a commitment card and return it to the church.

We are excited about the future, and we are confident of God’s blessings for St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and School in the coming years!