An Update on the Church’s Finances from the Senior Warden and the Treasurer

Dear Friends,
Although the pandemic has taken its toll in so many ways, we at St. Luke’s Church have much to be thankful for:
• Even with several staff transitions this year –
retirements and moves – the staff remains committed to the church’s mission and ministry.
• We continue to offer all of our regular services week after week, including the livestream which has allowed so many people to worship virtually.
• People in need are getting the resources they need, through supply drives like our annual back-to-school effort in support of Good Samaritan Ministries.
• And two of our most visible ministries, the Green Door and St. Luke’s Episcopal School, are thriving.
The operating budget approved at the beginning of the year assumed life would get back to normal in the early part of the 2021. That, of course, has not happened. One of our key sources of revenue is the contributions that people are inspired to make when they come to church. While we have digital attendance, due to continued pandemic concerns, fewer people are physically attending church services. We are now significantly under budget in those contributions. This is evident on the financial summary on the next page: Through July, we had budgeted $116,667 in “Non-Pledged Gifts”, but actual receipts were only $56,936.
The work of the church goes on: staff members are committed to providing opportunities for worship, education, and fellowship, and we continue to make plans for outreach efforts that will make a difference in the lives of those in need. To support all that work, the revenue side of the church’s budget needs to improve.
If you are able, we hope you’ll consider making a special contribution to support the church’s Operating Fund in this time when the church’s finances are tight. Even though life doesn’t look like it did a couple of years ago, St. Luke’s Church continues to share the Light of Christ with San Antonio, and your financial support could make such a difference.
To make a contribution, you could mail a check to the church, use the “GIVE” button at the top of the church’s website at
We hope you are well, and we’re grateful for all the people who want St. Luke’s to flourish in the days to come.
David Schrantz
Senior Warden
Seth McCabe