For Youth

Youth Ministry at St. Luke’s Church is all about creating a safe place for 6th through 12th graders to learn about God and to prepare them to take their faith into the world. Through outreach efforts, meaningful small group time, “hanging out,” and investing in their faith life, these middle and high schoolers have a special place within St. Luke’s Church.
Youth Group
This year we are going to Rise Above!  We will be discussing what it means have a faith in a God that encourages us to Rise Above difficulties, doubt, struggles, and pressure.  Of course, while  there is not a magic potion; we have a God that walks with us.  He does not guarantee a perfect life, he does promise that he loves us and understands us. His love and understanding will help us to rise above barriers, it will also help us to help others to rise above.  We will also have food, worship, small groups, games and lots of fun!  If you have questions, you can contact Youth Coordinator Daniel Kittrell (

Wednesday Night Schedule

6:00-7:00-Middle School Youth Group

7:00-7:15– Dinner for Middle and High School

7:15-8:30– High School

Sunday School for Middle and High School

Students will catch a glimpse of how big God really is and how Jesus reflects that size in his life on earth. In Exodus, God answers a question from Moses about who he is. He says, “I AM” as the answer. God is bigger than any word could possibly describe. Later, Jesus answers the same question over and over again in parables starting with “I AM”. Using these “I AM” statements reflects back to that exodus encounter starting with “I am the bread of life sent down from heaven.”


10:00-10:15- Gathering- breakfast tacos, music, and announcements in the youth room

10:15-10:50- Sunday School in the youth room


Middle school – Room 1

Confirmation – Main Room

*High School – Prayer Room


*Note- High School will be meeting in the Youth Room instead of Order Up this year