For Youth

Youth Ministry at St. Luke’s Church is all about creating a safe place for 6th through 12th graders to learn about God and to prepare them to take their faith into the world. Through outreach efforts, meaningful small group time, “hanging out,” and investing in their faith life, these middle and high schoolers have a special place within St. Luke’s Church.

Wednesday Night Schedule

4:00-5:00- Fourth and Fifth Grade Youth Group with Singing

5:45-7:00-Middle School Youth Group

7:00-7:15- Dinner

7:15-8:30- High School

Middle School Sunday School

The middle school years can be eventful to say the least. Bodies are changing, friendships are evolving, emotions are fluctuating, and questions are growing. It’s important to encourage students to set a foundation for spiritual growth during this unique season.  We will encourage our students discover the rewards of living well, loving God, and leading others through this 13-lesson volume of Grapple Jr. High.


The Focus Areas

  • Living: Why simple choices can help them lead meaningful lives
  • Loving: What prayer is and why it’s an expression of love for God
  • Leading: How to lead–and how to respond to other leaders

Students will encounter lessons on such topics as what prayer is really all about, how to trust God’s Word and not just our feelings, and how leadership is actually an opportunity to serve others. Each lesson features interactive, hands-on elements

High School Sunday School

If we were to describe God with one word, we’d very likely land on the word “love.” God’s plan for humankind was motivated by love for us! As our students continue to grow closer to Christ, God’s love is a concept that needs to take deep root in their life.

Students will learn to see how God’s love is at the very center of who He is, how Christ’s death on the cross is the most complete expression of God’s love, and how they’re called to be known by their love for others.