children and worshipChildren & Worship

St. Luke’s wholeheartedly welcomes children at all worship services. Children learn to worship by worshiping and it has been said that they do so “from the neck down.” Please know that the activity and “wiggles” are not bothering anyone. That being said, St. Luke’s recognizes there are times when young children need the opportunity to play in our Nurseries, and so childcare is available for all morning services.



Preparing your child for worship…

  • Have your child wear a name tag! At St. Luke’s Church, nametags are located on the back wall of the Narthex. Don’t have one? Let an usher or member of the clergy know and one will be made for you! This includes children!! You can also click here to request a name tag to be made.
  • If you are visiting St. Luke’s Church, please fill out a nametag on one of the Visitor’s tables.
  • On the “Kid’s Corner” table, there are brightly-colored folders with crayons and activity sheets. It’s okay to let your child draw or color in church ~ they are paying more attention than you think!
  • During the Peace, pass the Peace to your child and to the other children around you saying, “Peace be with you.” Invite your children to do the same!
  • After announcements, there is a time for recognizing birthdays. Bring your child forward to bless their special day!
  • Give your child an offering to place in the Offering plate. Remember, no offering is too small!
  • Receiving Communion: Once your child has been baptized, they are welcome to receive communion at St. Luke’s Church. After baptism, it is up to you as their parents to decide when they will begin to participate in the Eucharist. If you prefer, children can receive a blessing instead of communion. For more information on having your child baptized at St. Luke’s, contact Rev. John Badders, Interim Rector, at